The existence of Desolate Lands is due to the hard work of a dedicated team of Builders, Admins, and the Owner. And Epik I guess too he's staff.

Owner - Prankcalls Edit

The owner himself, Prankcalls. He created the first iteration of Desolate years ago, and has been working to constantly improve the server. He created most of the Mobs, Spells and Items used on Desolate

Admin - T3ctonic Edit

Despite not doing much administrating on the server itself, T3ctonic is responsible for the server discord, and works tirelessly to keep it in order.

Head Builder - Camed Edit

Camed oversees all the building projects in Desolate, creating the massive world the RPG is on. You'll find his name scattered everywhere in the early game. Boss Names, area names, NPC names.

Builders - Various Edit

The rest of the builders also work hard to make Desolate. I actually don't know who they are, they aren't listed anywhere, I'll ask Prank eventually

Moderators - None Edit

There are currently no Moderators in Desolate Lands

Helpers - Epikman1234 Edit

Epikman is currently the one and only helper on Desolate, and uses his power mostly to keep the chat under control and remove trolls.

Quest Designers - None Edit

Currently there are no "Quests Designers", as the Quest System is incomplete, but various users have submitted applications

Former Staff Members Edit

Builders - Various Edit

There are many builders on Desolate who have quit, Brood and Flaming come to mind, though again, I literally have no idea who most of them are

Moderators - Couladin Edit

Explained below

Helpers - Couladin, Couladin, and Couladin Edit

Not a typo. He was helper, quit, rejoined Desolate, became helper again, became moderator, quit, came back, became Helper, and quit again. He appears to be gone for good this time