The Graveyard is a location in Desolate RPG near Roanoke. The Graveyard is an early-area grinding spot

Appearance Edit

The Graveyard consists of multiple tombstones and larger tombs surrounded by an Iron Bar/Cobblestone Wall fence, as well as a few trees and most importantly, a small chapel in the middle. In one tomb consists a mysterious button that teleports the player to the Crazed Brewer's lair.

Enemies Edit

Normal Enemies Edit

Zombie Gravedigger (Melee, Level 8)

Undead Fighter (Melee, Level 10)

Elite Mobs Edit

Undead Cleric (Magic)

Elite Bosses Edit

Forgotten Priest (Magic)

Chests Edit

There are two chests in the Graveyard. One Rare Chest in the central chapel and one normal chest in one of the tombs. Both chests are T1

Quests Edit

Two quests involve the graveyard

Story Quest - The Player is instructed by Fredrick to kill an Undead Cleric in the Graveyard

Priest Quest - The Player is asked to kill the Forgotten Priest in the Graveyard