Elite Mobs in DesolateRPG are more powerful mobs that have a chance to spawn when a regular mob is killed. The spawn chance of an Elite Mob is random, and most Elite Mobs have something to do with the enemies they spawn from. When certain elite mobs die, they can turn into elite bosses


Types of Elite Mobs Edit

  • Swift Bandit (Spawns from T1 Bandits)
  • Undead Cleric (Spawns from enemies in the Graveyard)
  • Ice Wolf (Spawns from T1 Wolves)
  • Dark Spider (Spawns from spiders in the Darkgrove)
  • Holy Wolf (Spawns from T2 Wolves)
  • Corrupted Rogue (Spawns from Corrupted Mobs)
  • Tribal Spiritcaller (Spawns from Tribal Mobs)
  • Flaming Troll (Spawns from Savannah Trolls)
  • Dark Bandit Archer (Spawns from T2 Bandits)
  • Cursed Miner (Spawns from Skeletal Miners)
  • Famished Miner (Spawns from Undead Miners)