Elite Bosses in Desolate Lands RPG are chance bosses that spawn from killing Elite Mobs, which themselves spawn in the same manner. They normally drop Grand Elite Loot Bags and other good drops. Every current elite boss drops a part of the Elite Boss Set

Tier 1 Elite Bosses Edit

Elite Boss Predecessor(elite) Zone
Forgotten Priest Undead Cleric Graveyard
Scorch Burning Zombie Burning Farm
Fenrir Ice Wolf Farmlands
Bacon Brigade Flaming Leopard Hazelgrove
Gladiator Zombie Battle Zombie Abandoned Palace, Outskirts of Alta Forest

Tier 2 Elite Bosses Edit

Elite Boss Predeccesor (Elite Mob) Zone
Spider Queen Dark Spider Dark Grove
Lost Miner Cursed Miner/Famished Miner Mines
Frenzy Bandit Dark Bandit/Poison Bandit Various Roads, Bandit Camp
Dark Cavalier Corrupted Rogue Bruinswick
Garmr Holy Wolf Savanah
Sama & Sunah Jaguar Savanah
Witchdoctor Tribal Spiritcaster Savanah
Cyclone Troll Flaming Troll Savanah

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