The Elite Boss Set is a group of collectables that drop from the Elite Bosses of DesolateRPG, they apparently have a large set bonus if all worn at once, however this effect is unknown as nobody has collected every piece

Parts of the Set Edit

Almost all of the set exists already, though the leggings are yet to be released

  • Helmet - Miner Helmet (Drops from Lost Miner)
  • Chestplate - Priest Robes (Drops from Forgotten Priest)
  • Leggings - ????
  • Boots - Cyclone Boots (Drops from Cyclone Troll)
  • Sword - Corrupted Spear (Drops from Dark Cavalier)
  • Bow - Corrupted Bow (Drops from Dark Cavalier)
  • Staff - Corrupted Staff (Drops from Dark Cavalier)