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  • new page Old Knife
    created by Fishykarp 21 hours ago
    New page: The Old Knife is a Tier One weapon in DesolateRPG, granted as part of the tutorial. Stats Edit Damage - 4-6 Crit Chance - 0% Crit Damage - 0%...
  • edit Healer
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
  • edit Healer
    edited by Fishykarp diff
    Summary: Team:
  • edit Healer
    edited by Fishykarp diff
  • new page Healer
    created by Fishykarp
    New page: The Healer is a subclass of Mage in DesolateRPG and the closest one to a support class. It is also one of the two classes (along with Crossbowman),...
  • new page Graveyard
    created by Fishykarp
    New page: The Graveyard is a location in Desolate RPG near Roanoke. The Graveyard is an early-area grinding spot Contents[show] Appearance Edit The...
  • edit Swift Bandit
    edited by Fishykarp diff
  • new page Swift Bandit
    created by Fishykarp
    New page: The Swift Bandit is the Elite Mob of the T1 Bandits in DesolateRPG. It is essential in the main story quest
  • edit Bandits
    edited by Fishykarp diff
  • edit Elite Bosses
    edited by VolcanoMan3705 diff
    Summary: Tier 2 Elite Bosses:

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