The Bandits are a group of enemies that appear mostly near the start of the game and are the easiest enemies, though some remain a threat all the way to early Tier Two. The Bandits have many lairs, such as the Bandit Caves, Bandit Village and Bandit Fortress. Bandits are mainly Melee mobs, though the bosses are all ranged

Types of Bandits Edit

Tier One Edit

Stray Bandit (Level 1, Melee)

Sneaky Bandit (Level 2, Melee)

Sneaky Bandit (Level 3, Melee)

Bandit Archer (Level 4, Ranged)

Bandit Recruit (Level 5, Melee)

Bandit Caster (Level 6, Magic)

Bandit Swordsman (Level 7, Melee)

Bandit Guard (Level 8, Melee)

Bandit Ranger (Level 8, Ranged)

Bandit Hunter (Level 9, Melee)

Tier Two Edit

More Info Needed


Elite Bandits

Swift Bandit (Level 5, Melee)

Dark Bandit Archer (Ranged)

Bosses Edit

Bandit Lord Demac (Ranged)

Trivia Edit

  • Though being more a higher level than the Bandit Swordsman, the Bandit Guard is actually weaker
  • This also applies to the Swift Bandit
  • The Bandit Bosses are the only bosses in DesolateRPG so far, to wield bows
  • Despite being the supposed "Bandit Lord", Demac is actually much weaker than the Dark Bandit Archer

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