The Bandit Lord Demac is the T1 Boss of the Bandits in Desolate RPG. He is widely considered the easiest Dungeon Boss, and wields a bow. He can be fought at the end of the Bandit Caves dungeon located to the right of Kingsview.

The Fight Edit

Demac has two health health bars, an Orange one and a Red one. He wields a bow and fires arrow like projectiles that are very similar to that of the dark bandit archers, the shot emits a dark particle trail when fired and is easily dodge-able by all players

Phase One Edit

Demac begins the fight on the ground, walking towards you but keeping his distance, firing arrows. He fires two kinds, normal and a black arrow that gives slowness. This phase ends once a quarter of his health remains

Phase Two

Demac leaps onto the side of the cave he is in, and begins continuing to fire. He also spawns a Bandit Swordsman to keep you occupied. He can also jump onto a second platform and send forth a hail of arrows.

Rewards Edit

Upon defeat, you are teleported out of Bandit Caves, back to the entrance with some congratulatory fireworks, and are given his Boss Loot Box, which contains mostly T1 Uncommons and Rares, Weak Mana Crystals, Gold, Food and Minor Healing Potions, though other items such as enhance scrolls can be dropped (I feel so good right now). He also gives a single reward point

Demac has his own set, the "Demac's Crooked Set"

Quotes Edit

Start of Fight: "Ah, new arrivals! Welcome to our lair..."

1/4 health: "Fools! I will destroy you all."

Trivia Edit

  • Demac is "Camed", the name of Desolate's head builder, backwards